Touch the paint booth, and it can kill you.


The above sketch shows a floor plan paint booth to the upper left. The steel framed enclosure - lined with draw-in filters, sealed fluorescent fixtures and 3 phase 5 HP exhaust enclosed fan. Because of recent faulty wiring for the lighting, the steel frame was energized for about a year. One of the workers mentioned receiving slight shocks now and then. Imagine, standing in a puddle of spilled water and being soaked to your socks and then making contact with the heavy metal door of this paint booth. The three conductors; Black (hot), White (Neutral) & Green (ground) were all black wires from the power source to the paint booth junction box. So, the lights still worked in reverse polarity, the only thing was that what should be ground was now "Hot" without the metal framing of the paint booth being bonded to the steel structure as required by code. The other electrical company came and fixed it while we were still there finding other things.

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