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Staying Up half the night
while inside the undefined eye of Fay's tropical storm, it has been in part - a calmed-confidence and part nervous anticipation for the back end of the wall of water yet to come as marked in yellow. Wind gusts of up to 40 mph just before the erie calm, with water droplets from the trees hitting the ground and croaking tree frogs were the only sounds - at 4am, 08-22 Friday.
A few times our electricity blinked bright and then low, and then remained as to show that it too is vulnerable and that it at anytime, as with tropical storms 'Charlie' and 'Francis' that hit us back in 2004, so remind us why we have back up generators and our jobs as electricians to hook them up.
How easily we forget the harder times that we all faced when we found ourselves without electric power. For those of us that didn't have back up generators and stuck it out in our homes waiting. Feeling drenched with sweat from the on-going humidity, the noises of running generators around us, and with sometimes roads blocked by fallen trees and limbs, emergency vehicles and travel bans enforced by law enforcement, there being no where to go. For those with small generators, with enough power for the refrigerator, freezer maybe and some lights, but no air conditioning - not to mention, the need for refueling everyday.
Everytime we hear of a storm in the atlantic - for those of us in Florida, we imagine the plan that we intend to do, then go about our business. Some of us keep track and then prepare near or at the last minutes before the storm hits.
Three days of non-stop rain, some light, some heavy, mainly torrential down-pours and blasting gusts of wind. Still we have our electric power, we still are able to up-load and we hope that no one has to lose their lives, their homes and or their businesses. As a final entry, news agencies reported 7 people died in Florida as a direct result of tropical storm Fay.



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Possible reasons for higher electric bills ?

One day, our next door neighbor asked me if I could come over for a few minutes. I wondered if it was for neighborly reasons, but as it turned out, he was asking me to identify a buried wire that he just found in the ground. As he was digging in his back yard to plant a tree, he located a buried cable that I found to be "Live" with power. He proceeded to uncover the wire and discovered that it led to the back fence of the house that belonged to the gentleman that sold him the house. as soon as we cut the wire - power shut off to the next door neighbors detached work shop lights (that always seemed to stay on) The detached shed had a window air conditioner, a chest freezer, lights and all sorts of power tools.

He has been getting free power for years.


If having to power outside flood lights for security purposes, the use of Incandescent lights & quartz lamp fixtures are high energy users. These were fine when it didn't matter how much the electric bill came to. Since it matters to everyone today, the installation of HID High intensity discharge lights such as 'Metal Halide' High Presure Sodium' and 'Low Presure Sodium' and there is even 'Mercury Vapor' lights that are cheap to run if you've got to have outside security lights. These lights mentioned are a bit expensive but in comparison to the incandescent & quartz lights, you get brighter light that may cost pennies per night rather than pennies per hour and the savings will eventually pay for the costs of the new lights. There is a hugh selection of styles available to choose from in case you were thinking... Not that big ugly thing!


The On/off and On/off again of electric power is sometimes considered worse then just leaving power on. But the start up of water pumps, air conditioning compressor equipment, refrigerator and seperate freezer compressors, washing machines, dish washers and dryer units cause a jump in electric usage each time power is put to them. When the use of these items can't be helped, the one thing that can be done is the installation of capacitors in the form of added device such as the item mentioned at the bottom of the previous page

Another reason may be that with higher gas prices, the power company has passed the higher costs to you - the consumer and it reflects on your electric bill. For those within city limits of your state, you are probably also paying for storm water drain, garbage pick-up and that gas increase too.

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24 Hr emergency service available. We make the repairs
and if need be, stay with you until the power company energizes your system.


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500,000 volt electrical arc at a power substation

This is a clip of a 500,000 volt motor operated disconnect atEldorado Substation near Boulder City, Nevada. This disconnect is NOT designed to open hot. There is a switcher that is intendedto open the circuit and then the disconnect opens up rightafterward. The switcher has had a history of one phase failing to open. When this happens, the disconnect opens with one phase still energized. Since it's not designed to open under these conditions, there is no arc suppression, and the result is quite spectacular. Because of the history of failures, every time this switcher has been opened, a video camera has been set up to record the event. This time, they got it. The arc ends when an upstream circuit breaker is opened. The "wow" at the end of the video says it all.



Electrical work performed at one of Levy Countys finest horse farms - Fleet Crest Farm located in Morriston, Fl.

Front Gate


An R50 insulation factor for this florida home. The outer perimeter walls are foam blocks, center filled with concrete and our electrical boxes required conduits before the foamcells were concrete filled. See small thumbnail pics below. This home was professionally wired by Alco Electrical.


Wiring to Barn #2 as shown was performed while I was employed by another electrical company. Barn #1 is located
to the left and not shown. There are No individual electrical pictures - sorry.


Barn #2 is a public horse boarding facility. For more information, contact Pinky at (352) 843-8681


A satellite view of Fleet Crest farm in Levy County Florida


They say that these foam walls, when filled and finished, provide an R50 value. Also, in the event of a tornado,you might lose your roof, but the walls remain.


Instructions provided to our installers in regards to "How to make provisions for outlet & switch box openings in the foam block walls" Please note the "How to avoid the concrete seepage in behind the outlet box where the device screws into areas method " and "How to lock the outlet boxes in place with use of toggle bolts method". All this before actual boxes came out that are now used for the purposes with foam block walls but a lot more expensive to buy.





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