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Medical Centers.
Shopping Centers.
Government Institutions.
Full service provisions for banks.
Area Schools.
Correctional Facilities.
Industrial Manufacturing.
Provisions for stand by generator.
All Commercial establishments.
Utilities for new housing developements.
All Residential projects no matter how big or small.
Full Service Electrical wiring.
Low voltage structured wiring.
Intrusion / Burglar Alarm wiring.
Close Ciruit TV to a DVR.
Watch what goes on from your computer and
remote from your computer at your home.
Fire & Life Safety of all phazes.
Upper and floor level Emergency
Exit and Emergency Spot lights.
Sound alarm and motion sensing devices installed.
Fibre Optics and splicing.
Cat5 Cabling and Coax for television.
Wireless devices and conventional.
Power to road signs



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The floor plan at right is only part of an on-going electrical project in the old historic district of Ocala, Florida
On this particular project, the house plans were not available at time of work commencement and a diagram had to be made to keep track of all wiring installed.

Although this drawing is too small while displayed on this page, it deplicts the wiring schematic and the legend of all branch circuits to be later transferred onto a circuit breaker panel cover legend.

This Electrical Diagram at right is a detailed description of lights, receptacles, smoke detectors and wiring diagram.

A single room addition with it's individual panel box sub fed back-to-back from the main house panel. Originally, the utility meter enclosure was located where the new sub panel is now, and has been re-installed at top left of the drawing. Provisions were made for an office (top right) with a dedicated outlet for a computer station, next to the appropriate necessary low voltage cable and phone lines. (in this case, Cat5 cable was used)

One Arc Fault circuit powering the larger area outlets(bedroom, etc.), bathroom lighting and GFI bathroom receptacle.

The drawing at right is another example of the birds eye view start of the electrical floor plan utilized at the old historic district remodel.

The drawing is much smaller due to the wide area of the project onto the limited area paper size.

You could unrole a wad of architectural floor plans for the 1/4" equals one foot dimensions or simply utilize one 81/2 X 11" sheet of paper to record additions, changes, deletions and get a better idea at a glance.

Hey-You Electricians...
Be sure to register with "Electrician talk .com" and converse with some of the smartest guys in the field. Ask questions and talk amonst other electricians that know a little something about everything it seems.

You'll find me in there sometimes.

Having pride in quality
There Is pride in all we do...And it shows.
We look for your acceptance and appreciation
in the end.
We look at our work from all angles with pride.
We remember and speak of it to others.
And while during our travels, we proudly refer
to your project.
Dotting every "i" & Crossing every "t"

Giving birth to an electrical project
A receptacle outlet only has the face a mother can love. And as the 'Mother' of an electrical project, we watch as our project grows into something special;
as a 'Mother' would say:
"All those little electrons flowing through those wires.. ..How cute!"
It better work too or there will be...Trouble.


Checking the job over and then checking it again because we only get one chance

Walking the line and following the routes.
Continuity testing to assure no shorts to ground

If Workmanship Matters to You

Marking, labeling and records kept of all wiring
diagrams. Digital pictures taken, uploaded and
submitted with billing.
Computer generated drawings separate from
blue prints submitted.



SmartDraw Floor Plans

SmartDraw Flow Charts

See Examples of ArtWork by Clicking Here on this link

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Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Main house Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

One of our electricians - Columbia Born "Bolmar" said something funny to one of our customers the other day; (Having had to fit himself within a tight confined area under the house in a crawl space) Bolmar says : "Mrs. Cathy, being under your house was like being Re-born... Having to fit myself through the tight space, I exited onto an open area and it was like leaving the woom" And he then spells it "W-O-M-B - Woom"

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

This drawing above is part of a proposal that was submitted with the proposal below,
for new wiring to gate column lights and gate openers. We can also install cameras,voice and security entry.

Proposal for Electrical, Alco, Electrical, Contracting, Electrician, Contractor, Construction, Service, Electric, Electrician, Residential, Commercial, Industrial ApplicationsAlco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Farm Lighting Plan

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications/ A full service electrician

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