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Planet Alco, Panel legends, floor plans, side view drawings,

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Alco 1 ppt

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Miami Lights

Lit Skyline

Lit Skyline



 Light Bulb

electrical devices




Disconnects Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

120/208V. Wiring to disconnect

SmartDraw Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.


Skyline Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Up Grades Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Service Up Grades

Wiring Diagram Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Riser Diagrams & Wiring Diagrams for Municiple and County government permitting requirements.

Hot Tubs Commercial Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Commercial & Residential Hot Tubs


Wood Deck Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

What we can do for you

For Residential:

New Whole house wiring, completely conforming to National Electric Codes. (No “Slap-Stick” wiring) “get in and get out” policies. The extra time taken to dot every “ i “ and cross every “ t “ with every step taken to avoid ground faults, shock hazards and any risks of fire. The use of quality materials and fine tooth comb checking to make absolutely sure that a balance of circuit loads conform above standards. Wiring the customers home is like wiring it for ourselves. Residential homes get our top priority in detailed workmanship. Our customers have to live and sleep in their homes and knowing the detailed workmanship that is behind the walls and above the ceiling is comforting. No call backs, just referrals. It is why we’re here today. Electrical isn’t pretty, but to us it’s beautiful.

See Pictures links below and all through our site

We try to think ahead for our customers.
What can We do for You

For future expansion that you have not thought about in the process of your home construction.

Possible future pool or hot tub provisions:

See Example Electric to Pool Pictures Here

Whole house or partial home Generator provisions;

Future stub outs for : Sheds, yard lighting, gate opener, column lights, corner floods with motion sensors and or master switch at bedside, switches by the bedside for overhead light, ½ switched receptacle outlets and paddle fan control.

See Example of Residential Rough Electrical Wiring

What about these:

 Special dedicated outlets for future fish tank & accessories;

Special dedicated multi outlets for placed hobby and ham radio enthusiasts

Some Small Job Example Pictures and Sketches

Alco, Electrical, Contracting, Electrician, Contractor, Construction, Service, Electric, Electrician, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Applications

Special 110 & 220V dedicated circuit outlets for individual tools in your work shop.

Special dedicated multi quad outlets for your future entertainment center.

Wiring to your boat dock for light(s) and outlet(s) also for a boat lift.

Existing home repairs.

Some Service And Repair Pics & Sketches

Troubleshooting problems and Up-Grading to new.

Service Up-grade Pictures

Pre-wiring for swimming pool & hot tub/spa.

Alco, Electrical, Contracting, Electrician, Contractor, Construction, Service, Electric, Electrician, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Applications

plus future projects.

New house wiring with every conceivable option we can think of

.Alco, Electrical, Contracting, Electrician, Contractor, Construction, Service, Electric, Electrician, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Applications

We Construct These Too

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Belleview Pizza

Before The job began

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Belleview Pizza

Check Out the beautiful lighting at Belleview Pizza

Belleview Pizza 2

Beautiful accenting down lights created by recessed can fixtures.

Belleview Pizza 1

And Great Italian Cuisine.

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Ocala WestOcala West Training Facility

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Ocala West Training Facility Barn 2 Wiring Spec'sOcala West Barn 2 Wiring Spec's

Job Pictures / Horse Barn Wiring

Link here to See Example Wiring Horse Barn Pictures Here

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Ocala West ProposalOriginal Proposal

Power Company Mishaps

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Pvc, Installations, Electrical, Conduits, Service Powering One (1) of two (2) 200A. interior panels with generator back up while other interior panel has non- essential branch circuits are on non-generator as shown above.
Note the lower conduit by-passing transfer switch.

schematics, Wiring, Blue Prints

Note interior panel 1 as generator back-up while panel 2 is not for non-essential branch circuits.

Kitchen & Dining room wiring schematic

Note all lighting on generator back up while 1/2 of all receptacle outlets are generator back up.

Wiring schematic

Utility Rm. freezer, washer, dryer & lighting are generator backed but general purpose outlets in utility rm; porch, and formal dining rm. outlets are not.

Wiring diagram

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Designated panel boxes

Proposals, Quotes & Estimates

Providing proposals, quotes and estimates have never been the easiest things in regards to the job at hand. Most customers would like to know "The bottom line price" but it is only a guess at most.

A more accurate estimate is made when provided with blue prints. But when it comes to service work and repairs, it is hard to estimate how long something will take. In cases like this, I recommend an hourly rate plus materials. While an overall estimate will include travel, the hours for the project and materials, it is usually over-blown to cover all the costs plus the "what if". Usually the customer has to pay the estimated price given, but what if the task didn't take as long as when at the time estimated, then it ended up costing the customer more than it should have. It certainly is something to consider.

The larger electrical contracting companies that handle skyscraper buildings and bid on other mega projects usually use bidding programs as a tool. These programs count the connectors and allow a time per each installation. After the estimate, they figure on making tens of thousands in profit (if not more) in the end.

Some contractors are quick to flip with slap-stick installations with only one thing in mind - to make the quick buck, no matter the quality. Their work force are temporary and change over with the weather. But, it usually is the norm and excepted never-the-less, so long as the project gets completed. Some call it; "frosting on the burnt cake" Sometimes it isn't understood and seems to not make sense when a general contractor trades good quality for a deadline, or will choose a lower bid to put a few extra bucks in his pocket over the better quality job proposal submital. It is true, that you get what you pay for.

One of our methods have been, to submit a sketch or sketches with our proposals. Sometimes, our sketches reveal the methods of which we intend to accomplish the work, and instead, the sketches tell the prospective customer how it is done and we have found one customer doing the work according to the sketches that we had presented. Others, have used our sketches to seek other bids according to the descriptions of our sketches, especially when the job had been explained & no print available. The sketches are a record of which the customer can rely on. The sketches are submitted to the local building, license & permitting authorities and are approved. Our craftmanship, our workmanship follow our sketches to the letter. Sometimes, we will build a job and then develope a sketch to match the work performed. where pictures alone don't fully explain the project. These sketches seen throughout this website are developed as an extra, to benefit the customer and for our records. This is in part why we are mentioned and recommended to new prospective customers

Click Here to see some Proposals. Some were accepted, some were'nt

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Getting the Job, Or not


are hearing more & more about the cost of gasoline, and the cost of providing an estimate. Electrical companies all over the United States are charging a fee to come see the project and provide a proposal in which the fee is deducted from the job cost if the proposal is accepted. In a lot of ways, it is fair but necessary in these uncertain times. In this website - On the next page (index-3.html) you can view current gasoline prices for our area. You can also apply your own zip code to view your local gas prices.

We at Alco Electrical Contracting have been trying hard to find ways to save money and gladly pass this on to our customers. Going Green means saving the planet, cutting down on emisions and helping our customers save on their electric bills. One way of doing this - is the use of products that cut down on hard starts such as your air conditioning units, the start ups on water pump motors and anything that draws down power during start ups. An effort has been made, to construct a device that attaches to your equipment such as the circuit breaker panel box for residential, to the devices that attach directly to motors in manufacturing plants. Saving up to 25% on electric bills for a small investment, eventually paying it off and then every electric bill after that means saving money.

Other specialties
Alco, Electrical, Contracting, Electrician, Contractor, Construction, Service, Electric, Electrician, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Applications

For Commercial:.

Experts in the areas of commercial wiring. Every step taken to assure proper efficiencyand provisions made for future expansion.
Between giving the customer what they ask for
and allowing for the purposes of expansion of the electrical system, it always leaves a good feeling with all concerned. Too many existing commercial jobs have been performed to allow only the necessary requirements with the hopes that the contractor would be allowed back to expand the original system, or additions to the contract would enable of coursemore money. With Us, nothing could be further from the truth, Although it is why we are in business, It is also why we continue being called upon by the same customers and receive repeat business.

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. JD Squared, Inc.

Keeping promises and being punctual is always everyone's intention.. And we try. We at least call if being late or a change of plans that might mean reschedualing.

Whether spec materials required or chosen materials
for the use of the upcoming project,
Absolutely the best
in quality materials are only installed to assure quality
control in high level workmanship. No substandard
materials and

No short cuts taken with electrical wiring.

See Example Commercial Pictures Here

See Another Example of Commercial pictures Here

Workmanship, Alco Truck uniformity and peace of mind

Electrical inspections for residential homes and recommendations prior to purchase. Existing home repair and upgrading to new.

Click Here to view inspection result pictures of one particular job - installed by others

Commercial wiring for new or old establishments.
Commercial Maintenance and Upgrades to higher amperage.
Metal Conduits and separate strand wiring as per National Electrical Code standards.

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. 600A.Main Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Sub Panels

Design / Build Projects

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Main & Sub Panels

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. View from lift

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Car Wash at Ho-Jo's
Howard Johnson Inn - Ocala, Fl.

Industrial Maintenance & High Voltage Installation. 120/208V. 120/240V Open Delta 277/460V 3Phase
Current Transformer cabinets and CT Utility Meter
Enclosures, K Meter installs. Parallel Service Risers.
Step Down Transformer Cabinet installs

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. OFAB - Ocala

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Ofab Laser

OFAB Industries

Pre-wire: New Construction

All telephone outlets are Cat5 4-line with single gang
box and cover plate. Cat5 Wiring is suitable for computer networks and computer systems. Each outlet is run to a Leviton distribution panel for increased versatility in wiring configurations. All TV jacks are RG6 wire with F connector termination on each wall plate. Each TV line is home run
to the Leviton distribution panel.

Central Vacuum Systems

All vacuum outlets are Supervalves (110 AC & 26V AC)
and include cover plates. Piping and low voltage wiring is installed and terminated at the proposed vacuum unit locations.

A variety of power units and accessory packages are available.

Security and Fire Systems

Modern electronic security and fire have become
increasingly more dependable and versatile in recent years.

We feature fire control panels by Ademco. One of the
oldest alarm manufacturers and, more importantly,
a leader in innovative and reliable computer-based alarm systems. We also supply optional devices from many
other companies.

We will provide the level of security that you need. Rather than over-selling you. We will educate you as
to the options available and allow you to make an
imformed choice.

Alco Electrical Contracting, a small company that stands fully accountable for our honesty, integrity and quality of work. It's not just a phrase that your satifaction is guaranteed - It's a work ethic.





We Pre-wire for: Intrusion, Smoke & Fire.
You can be notified by email on your mobile
or a call can be made to your cell phone.

Alcom Technologies, Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Alarm Wiring, Alarm Monitoring, Alarm Sensors, Pre-wire, Intrusion Alarm, Burglar Alarm
On these images above and below - Roll your pointer over the images without clicking on them and watch them change

Alcom Technologies, Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Alarm Wiring, Alarm Monitoring, Alarm Sensors, Pre-wire, Intrusion Alarm, Burglar AlarmThe image above demonstrates signals to receiver and motion sensor in hall and in living room bottom left hand corner. Clicking on the above image will take you to our separate low voltage page containing the larger version and more information.

Roll your pointer across the images.  

Data Wiring, Voice Wiring The image above demonstrates separate voice wiring & when mouse/pointer over the image it demonstrates separate data wiring.


Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Camera

Both sketches are part of a proposal that was submitted to Marion County Recreation

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Camera 2

Design / Build Projects

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Design / Build Projects

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Pool Heater, pool pump, pool panel, pool wiring

Design / Build Projects

Alco Electrical Contracting, Inc. Pool conduit diagram

The role of today’s electrical contractor has evolved from primarily an installer of product to that of an ntegral partner in product and system selection, specification, and design - EC Mag.

The role of today’s electrical contractor has evolved from
primarily an installer of product to that of an integral partner
in product and system selection, specification and design.
The scope of electrical contractor activity has grown from traditional power applications to include the total spectrum
of every electrical component (power/low voltage integrated
systems) included in and project. As a direct result of these dramatic and long term changes, electrical contractors find
themselves “Smack Dab In The Middle” of a paradigm shift in how they structure and conduct their business.

Suppliers who recognize and adjust their marketing strategies to take advantage of the electrical contractor’s changing specification and brand selection role will see sales volume and profitability soar. Those who continue to view them as primarily an installer of product will leave a lot of those same sales/profit dollars on the table.

Electrical contractors have evolved into major specification influences across virtually every project component (electrical power/low voltage systems).

Ever-more sophisticated Integrated Building Systems
(IBS) function is totally dependent on a “clean,” reliable
(un-interruptible) electrical power supply. Electrical contractors are the one entity, who by training and statute, can provide that service across every building type—CII and Residential. Building owners increasingly demand as close to “single source responsibility” for their integrated electrical power and
low voltage control/security/ communications systems.Single source responsibility reduces project completion time, litigation and other labor disputes, saves money and makes for an overall smoother project

Electrical contractors have expanded their sphere of activity to include every facet of traditional power, low voltage security/life safety/communications, lighting fixtures/controls and other emerging technologies. Continually on site from pre-construction to completion, electrical contractors have become the “close to single source provider” owners want and the industry needs.

Electrical Contractor Role In Specification/Design

Electrical contractors have evolved into major specification
influences across virtually every project component (integrated power/low voltage systems).

Three primary reasons driving this dramatic growth in
specification activity:

Over 43% of total electrical contractor revenue comes from involvement in design/ build projects. The electrical contractor is, from early on, intimately involved in determining which products (type/ brand) will be specified and installed.

“LOOSER” SPECIFICATIONS from traditional architectural, electrical/consulting engineer sources. Over 82% of electrical specs are written “multiple, or equal, or performance.” That ambiguity means the electrical contractor determines which type/brand of the numerous products “specified” will actually be installed.

being provided for the electrical contractor to complete. The
root cause is due largely to engineering staff/time/budget
constraints. This means final design and product selection
(specification) is delegated to the electrical

The implications of these changing factors on your sales and marketing strategy are significant and long term. Ignore them at your bottom line risk. Integrated building system (IBS) initiatives,
changing building owner priorities, coupled with documented specification/design/installation activity places the electrical contractor squarely in the role of a key business partner for your success. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine has many tools to help you take maximum advantage of these opportunities, outlined in this media file. Please allow us to help you grow your market share and profitability. As always, thanks for your business.
—John W. Maisel, Publisher









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